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Brief Biography

Elwood Donnelly is a traditional folk singer and musician whose career spans more than 35 years with his wife Aubrey Atwater. Together, they have produce 14 recordings, which receive international airplay, 8 books, and have been part of multiple compilations. Their travels have taken them to 38 states in the US, as well as Ireland, England and Canada.

Throughout those years, Elwood has set aside space to learn traditional crafts, one of which is basket weaving. Since his first weeklong workshop in Brasstown, NC at the John C Campbell Folk School in 1998 with Mary St. Pierre, renowned basket weaver from Hayesville, NC, and soon after at Kentucky Music Week with Mary Carty from Mount Holly, NJ, Elwood has continued to learn and create baskets at home in Rhode Island.

He has apprenticed students from age 11 to adult, and continues to produce functional and beautiful baskets for many occasions and tasks.

Warren, Rhode Island



Mary St Pierre passed away in 2019.

Mary Carty brings her Native American heritage into play with her handmade baskets; shapes and styles with which her Lenape ancestors would have been familiar.

She is a true artist and innovator whose creativity isn't stifled by following rigid set patterns. Mary blends tradition and creativity that makes her baskets both unique and highly collectible. Mary has won many awards for her original basket designs through the years, and has admirers throughout the world.

Mt. Holly, NJ 08060 Ph. 609-518-7600

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